Mental Fatigue is No Joke—these are powerful forces that require targeted strategies to manage The Creative Performer

What happens during a workshop?

We aren’t here to provide magic beans to make you or your team more creative. Rather, our goal is to provide effective mental skills training to support you in harnessing the abundance of creative potential you most certainly already have! We focus on providing compact, practical skills that will enhance your capacity for sustained creative potential and reduce the impact of stress on your performance. These resources have been time-tested in other high performing fields and are tailored to meet the unique needs of creative populations like you. We get open and honest about the often difficult interpersonal, intrapersonal, and external challenges that creative professionals face. We emphasize the development of mental and emotional resilience and synthesize key elements from cognitive behavior theory, humanism, mindfulness-based practice, and biopsychosocial models of self-care in an accessible, engaging, and applicable format.

We actively discuss and engage in hands-on activities targeting the demands of creative culture, such as: effective communication and interpersonal skills, essential self-care strategies, energy/time management, receiving or delivering criticism / feedback, confidence & imposter syndrome, creative burnout and work/life balance, and more…

paris-leaf-workshop-image_02, creative performer

Workshopping with the awesome team at Parisleaf | summer, 2019

How Can We Help You?

If you think a creative performance workshop would be helpful for you or your team, please reach out to us. We can discuss your needs in detail to build a custom workshop format that’s right for your team. Our approach is hands-on and flexible for large or small group sessions. All participants will be provided with a boat-load of helpful tips in a leave-behind format that will allow them to continue the application of creative performance strategies discussed and practiced long after we are gone. We currently offer the following formats, but are happy to work with you or your team to custom tailor a workshop that suits your needs:

• 1 hour lecture and visual presentation

• 3 hour, ½ day workshop—15-20 minute break at mid-point

• 6 hour, full day workshop—1-1.5 hour lunch break at mid-point 


We are based in beautiful Gainesville, FL, but consider ourselves a mobile consulting team—AKA, we come to you! If you happen to be in, or would like to travel to the Gainesville area, we can accommodate up to a ten-person team in our conference room. We are also available for screen-based conferences via the ZOOM platform. Send us a message if you have something in mind now or would simply like to ask us more questions!


If you’re wondering when the best time to have a workshop in Creative Performance is, it’s probably too late—just kidding—There’s no right or wrong time! We can work with your team any time to improve creative performance. This might mean coming in prior to the launch of a challenging new project, or after a particularly stressful project or event.  Re-occurring events such as retreats, new employee orientations, etc… are also a great fit. We understand that time is very valuable in creative industries, our aim is to provide your team with skills and techniques in a timely manner that can be incorporated and provide positive benefits immediately. 


Please inquire about pricing based on your particular needs. We strive to be both accommodating and accessible with rates and our valuable services are geared to provide return on your initial investment.