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Mindfulness Essentials, Transforming Your Relationship With Stress & Pressure | October 14, 2020 4–5:15 PM EST

In this one-hour virtual workshop, Dr. A and Jarred explore the calming + pace slowing power of incorporating daily mindfulness-based practices into busy design routines NOTE: Bring your favorite small, hand-held object (I.E. lucky coin, stone, sea shell, ring, etc…) for use in a workshop activity. 

Key Workshop Goals:

  • Define Mindfulness and discuss the myriad of ways in which it can be practiced (you don’t have to be a meditation guru to do it!)
  • Understand the unique benefits of a relationship between regular mindfulness & creative practices as it relates to stress & productivity
  • Try a mindful experience through a guided meditation with Dr. A and discuss strategies + external resources for developing manageable, individual mindfulness routines

Getting Out of Your Own Head: Cognitive Behavioral Theory Basics & Other Helpful Goodies for Your Mental Skills Toolbox | November 11, 2020 4–5:15 PM EST

In this one hour virtual workshop, Dr. A and Jarred get real about identifying and changing thought patterns that can be damaging to us and our creativity. NOTE: Bring visual evidence from a creative project you were a part of in the past that was difficult or emotionally challenging in some way for a workshop activity. Sharing is 100% optional!

Key Workshop Goals:

  • Discuss / define key aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Theory (CBT) 
  • Improve the ability to identify potentially damaging thought patterns as they arise specifically within the context of creative practice
  • Reflect on actual past experiences and work to identify how changing a negative thought pattern could have potentially altered outcomes &/or mitigated stress

Self Care Strategies: Developing Your Own Stress Management Superpower | December 02, 2020 4–5:15 PM EST

In this one hour virtual workshop, Dr. A and Jarred discuss strategies for custom tailoring self-care plans to optimize creative potential.

Key Workshop Goals:

  • Learn about / define universal key ingredients that make up a robust self care routine
  • Discuss the crucial connections between self care, creative potential, & the ability to manage reoccurring stress
  • Share strategies + external resources for developing a sustainable self care regimen that’s just right for you

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Mental Fitness 101 Workshop Banner, Creative Performer

Two sessions offered:

Session A: Wed, August 19, 2020 | 4–5:15 PM EST

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Session B: Fri, August 21, 2020 | noon–1:15 PM EST

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Hey, it’s us! Nice to meet everyone 🙂

Workshop overview:

  1. Discover how the creative process produces unique performance pressures for designers
  2. Learn how stress can impact individual and team-based productivity
  3. Identify mental habits and other external factors that kill confidence & creativity
  4. Explore self-care fundamentals that are essential for sustained creative practice

Whether you’re a student, freelancer, or on a team, practicing design can be a competitive and stressful business! To cope, designers often resort to a cocktail of dark humor, copious amounts of caffeine, and self-deprecating memes. But while a laugh here and there is nice, these tactics rarely improve outcomes over time and it is not uncommon for designers to experience burnout due to performance pressure. To thrive as a creative professional, it’s both possible and vital to develop mental & emotional resiliency. In this one-hour workshop, we’ll define “mental fitness” and explore what the world of Performance Psychology and Mental Skills Training can teach us about becoming better designers. This workshop will be co-hosted by licensed Psychologist, Dr. Amanda Alexander of Stretch Performance Psychology and Jarred Elrod, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at the University of Florida.


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