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What do an athlete and an artist have in common?

The Creative Performer journey began in 2010 and has been evolving ever since. Amanda and Jarred met in graduate school. Jarred was in the final year of his MFA in Graphic Design, and Amanda was just starting her Ph.D in Psychology while also winding down the final year of her career as a track and field athlete. At the time they met, both Amanda and Jarred were deeply immersed in the formative years of developing and refining their professional crafts. Since then, they’ve been having a ten-year conversation about the numerous and exciting discoveries and overlaps in their fields. These discoveries eventually led to the development of the Creative Performer—first to address challenges and setbacks in Jarred’s own professional creative practice as a freelance Graphic Designer and later with similar setbacks Jarred noticed with Graphic Design students taking his studio courses. Since then Amanda and Jarred have gone on to co-teach Creative Performance driven projects at the university level, lecture and write about Creative Performance for academic conferences, and host workshops with professional creative teams currently operating in the private sector. They have the most fun when working with current and emerging professionals—they are ready to put their expertise and experience to work for you. And surprise! They have been married for 5 years and have three furry children.

Amanda Alexander, Creative Performer
Amanda Alexander, Ph.D | Stretch Performance Psychology, LLC.

More About Amanda:

Amanda Alexander is a Licensed Psychologist specializing in Sport & Performance Psychology. She started Stretch Performance Psychology, a private counseling + consulting practice and primarily with high performing and creative populations such as athletes, performing artists, physicians/surgeons, and graduate students. She views her craft as a marriage of the art and science of and is passionate about helping others reach their fullest potential in whatever field they strive to excel. As a previous collegiate Division I Track & Field athlete, Alexander earned Academic All-American (second team) honors and was a member of the Indoor National Championship 2009 Track & Field team at the University of Tennessee. She continues to stay highly active through yoga, running, swimming, paddleboarding, traveling as much as humanly possible, and always staying on the lookout for a good piece of chocolate or a new houseplant. 

Jarred Elrod, Creative Performer, Biography
Jarred Elrod, MFA | JarredElrod.com

More About Jarred:

Jarred Elrod is a Graphic Designer and Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at the University of Florida. His primary area of research is developing cross-discipline methodologies to enhance creative potential and mental resiliency in design students and practicing professionals. As a practitioner, Elrod works on client-based and self-initiated projects primarily situated in the areas of social justice advocacy, higher education and theatre. Elrod received his B.F.A. in Graphic Design from West Texas A&M University and his M.F.A. in Graphic Design from the University of Tennessee. He has taught as a Visiting Professor of Graphic Design and Illustration at Gaungxi Arts Institute in Nanning, China and his work has been featured in HOW Magazine, the Texas Biennial, and the Bolivia International Poster Biennial. When he’s not teaching or making things, he can be found on ambitious road trips, tapping out drum beats, sipping coffee, and riding wheelies on his bike down the block.